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We Offer Real Vodou and Yoruba Love Spells

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Please consider our petition to help Congo - stop violence against child sorcerers

We purchase all ritual items here locally in Congo. This makes the strongest gris-gris' and nkisi while at the same time helping local Congolese villages!

Welcome to African Magick, Internet Home of The Remi Family

We practice the original African Magickal forms that have existed in Congo since the dawn of time. Most modern and well-known forms of Magick are descended from what we practice; Voodoo, Obeah, Palo Mayombe, Santeria, Quimbanda and more. If you are familiar with these types of Magick you will be familiar with some of what we do. These are real rituals and real spells. If you use them they can and will change parts of your life. We also do traditional cowrie divination to determine your future and spiritual condition.

We can do rituals, spells and spiritual work in person, by telephone or long-distance. All appointments need to be made ahead of time as my father has an extremely busy schedule. We advise you to contact us via email first so that we can let you know if we can help and what can be done. Please do not contact if you are not truly serious about the work and what will come from it.

— Simon Remi, son of Tata Dongo Remi

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