Black Magick and Spells To Invoke Curses

Palo Mayombe Curses

Curses & Black Magick

  1. Why We Cast Curses
  2. Palo Mayombe Curses to Bring Sickness
  3. Vodou Curses to Destroy Relationships
  4. Vodou Curses for Loss

Why We Cast Curses

There are many in the New Age movement who will refuse to cast a curse or perform any black magick. We respect the decision, but find that this is not true to the African traditions. In the African histories we find many examples of curses being used by good men to defeat evil. In this way a curse iMos a weapon. It is neutral, but the person who wields it determines the moral quality. For this reason Tata Remi will cast a curse given that the situation is carefully considered.

If you consider what is written above it excludes the concept of a curse bringing bad karma. Rather than a curse being something leaning toward a spiritual negative or debt, it is actually neutral. Because the ritual and spell is truly neutral you will not be affected negatively. This would be contrary to magickal laws and logic!

Most people would stop and try to help the weak and good if assaulted by the strong and evil. But how are we to protect the weak in the face of strong odds? Many have found curses to even the playing field. Curses have been used by heroic individuals to intervene and stop dangerous predators and sorcerers. A curse gives you a way to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. It also gives you a way to find justice for the wrongs committed against you and others.

Palo Mayombe Curses to Bring Sickness

Palo Skulls

A hallmark feature of the curse is that it crosses the spiritual threshold. A curse is by its very definition a spell that reaches into the material world and changes something for the worse. And in many typical cases this is physical health. Curses can even bring illness and disease sufficient to cause death.

Tata Remi has sworn never to cast any curse that will kill. Curses should be viewed as learning opportunities and all people should be given second chances to reform themselves. For this reason Tata Remi will never perform any curse strong enough to kill a person. So this should not be requested. Curses can be cast that will bring illness within reason.

Vodou Curses to Destroy Relationships

Vodou lends itself very well to curses against romance and relationship. This is because of the unique relationship of Vodou with the Petro family of Lwa. This family contains the spirits Erzulie Youx Rogue and Erzulie Dantor. These are very jealous and destructive female spirits. They take great pleasure in ruining and destroying love.

Many who have found themselves cheated on or treated unfairly by their spouses have sought refuge in Erzulie Dantor. Erzulie Dantor is a protector of those wronged and cheated on. She will take great pleasure in destroying the relationships of the unfaithful and abusive. Her rituals are fierce and powerful.

Vodou Curses for Loss

Vodou also holds many tools for causing loss. You can make a person lose their spiritual abilities, lose money and even lose their sanity and sense. All are well within the grasp of various Vodou Lwa, who correspond and carry dominion over specific and minute aspects of daily life. Petition Tata Remi if you are seeking more information on curses.

Am I Cursed?

This is a question asked very frequently. Many of the symptoms of being cursed include a sudden breakup, ongoing financial troubles, bad health, bad relationships and more. Please read more here or below at "Symptoms Of Voodoo Curses" to see if you fit the criteria and if a curse may what is causing your troubles.