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  1. What is
  2. Who casts spells at
  3. Do these spells really work?
  4. How much do your spells cost?
  5. How do I order a spell?
  6. Where are you located?
  7. Can you travel to me?
  8. Who is Tata Remi?


What is is the website of Tata Dongo Remi, a traditional African spiritual worker. offers free information on African spiritual traditions as well as psychic and spell casting services.

Skull Used in Voodoo Ceremony

Who casts spells at

All spells are cast by Tata Dongo Remi and many with the help of his son and apprentice Simon Remi. All consultations and correspondences are reviewed by both Tata Remi and Simon Remi.

Do these spells really work?

The spells we offer are real and they do work. All of the rituals, incantations and services that we perform are found in traditional African magick and spiritual practices. They are the oldest traditions and the most powerful spiritual forces.

Voodoo Ritual

How much do your spells cost?

We know that every case is distinct from the next. Your situation is special and will not be handled the same way as any other person. The price of a spell or service depends on the specific type of work and ritual. We invite you to contact us and inquire about what we can do for you.

How may I purchase a spell or service?

We accept payments via any major credit card, cash, bank transfer or wire transfer services. We also accept payments by PayPal.


Where are you located?

We have offices in Brussels, Belgium as well as in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Due to the nature of Tata Remi's work and healing services he is required to travel frequently.

Can you travel to me?

Yes! Depending on the nature of the case it may be possible, even required, to travel to work with you in person. Every case is different so please contact Tata Remi to see what will be available for you.

Who is Tata Dongo Remi?

Tata Dongo Remi is a traditional African spell caster and spiritual worker. He is a master of traditional African esotericism and practices diverse African magickal traditions including Vodou, Palo Mayombe, Obeah, as well as traditional Yoruba and Fon witchcraft. He was born in the Ishango region of Congo, home of the Ishango bone and one of the earliest known habitations of man.