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If you would like to be included in this and your website has some relevance to African spirituality, African traditional religion, spell casting, Wicca, psychic services, or the occult in any way, please contact us and we will work with you to get your link included here. Ashe! And the blessings of Dr. Dongo Remi will be upon you!

The New Age Wholesale Directory
A listing of the best New Age Distributors, Wholesalers, and Dropshippers.

Psychic Sights
Resources and directory of all Psychic and Metaphysical Information.

Astral Healer
- Astral Healing

Dahomey Stamp
Thaumaturgy 777
Thaumaturgy 777 is the place where people in need can come to get help. Wonderful information on Magick and many powerful Magickal sevices.

2012 Horoscope 2012 Astrology
Read a 2012 astrology and 2012 horoscope report with detailed information about 2012 horoscope, astrology, Zodiac Signs 2012, Horoscopes, predictions.

Vedic Astrology Report
Remarkable Indian Astrology & horoscope readings as per ancient Vedic astrology system from Vedic astrologers of India.

Zodiac Signs Astrology provides detailed information about 12 zodiac signs of astrology like character descriptions and Personality Traits of an individual.