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Love Spells

  1. Yoruba Spell to Bring Your Lover Back
  2. Voodoo & Palo Mayombe Spells to Stop Cheating and Infidelity
  3. Voodoo and Palo Congo Spell for Bringing You More Sex and Intimacy
  4. Yoruba Curse to Break Up A Couple
  5. Yoruba, Voodoo and Palo Mayombe Spells to Get A Man or Woman

Yoruba Spell to Bring Your Lover Back

Tata Remi is very skilled with love spells and offers an extremely powerful ritual to return a lover. This spell can get your boyfriend or girlfriend back. A traditional spell used by the Yoruba and Fon of Western Afirca, this is very powerful magick. This ritual was highly unknown outside of African spiritual circles up until the late twenty-first century when its successes began to spread by word of mouth in African immigrant communities and later in the United States. Today it can be found practiced more widely, but for those who are uninitiated in traditional Yoruba magickal practices it is often elusive to cast correctly. In the right hands it is easily one of the most powerful – if not the most powerful – love spell to get your spouse or lover back today.

It is said that this spell was first discovered by the wise men and Magi of Prince Oranyan of the Yoruba. Prince Oranyan had many wives already, but these were mostly political marriages. He truly loved one woman and one woman alone, but was blocked from having her. Her name was Obishala. Of course Prince Oranyan was attractive, successful and everything that one would desire. But after he treated Obishala unfairly she would not return to him as his lover. It was not until he found a way to help her overcome what he had done to her that she would come back. It was this secret Yoruba ritual that made it possible. The story says that Prince Oranyan was so pleased with the results of the spell that he rewarded the Magi who discovered it richly. After that the success became widespread and the secret of the spell eventually got out. It is still practiced today in the Yoruba and Fon traditions.

There is another story revolving this same ritual that is taught to initiates. It is not considered part of the secret Yoruba traditions so it can be shared openly. According to this story it was actually a servant of Prince Ajaka, the successor of now-King Oranyan, who discovered this spell. He traveled west to what is now Benin to consult with the Magi of an external kingdom. The servant of Ajaka wanted his wife returned to him, who Ajaka had stolen. The Magi performed the ritual and within one year Ajaka was disposed from his kingdom. The wife of the servant was allowed to return to him.

The opposing stories an traditions of this spell illustrate its versatility and power. It can be used in all situations to bring a lover back. Tata Remi is initiated and practices this spell with great success. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Voodoo & Palo Mayombe Spells to Stop Cheating and Infidelity

Vodou Love Spells

In African magick the two traditions that hold the most power for stopping infidelity and cheating are Voodoo and Palo. Both are rooted in earlier Fon practices, but over time have developed and advanced their own techniques greatly. If you are looking for a Voodoo or Palo Mayombe, or Palo Congo, spell that will stop your partner from cheating or prevent cheating there are many. The specific one that Tata Remi selects for you will depend on what is going on with your case. There is no standard or cookie-cutter spell that will be best for you, but the strongest spells for making your partner stop cheating are found in the Voodoo and Palo traditions.

If your partner is unfaithful it may or may not be his or her fault. There are often external forces that influence and make a person behave in a certain way. Regardless of the root Tata Remi will not judge. Both internal and external motives and reasons for cheating can be stopped with these African rituals. Today these are still some of the most popular rituals in West Africa, in Haiti, throughout the Caribbean and in the United States. This is so because they work. Spells to stop cheating that are from the Voodoo or Palo traditions work in hard cases where Wicca and other forms of European witchcraft do not.

There are essentially two types of spell to stop cheating. The first is in the case where your partner is already cheating. This is straightforward and the spell is used to break that relationship and make the unwanted man or woman leave your lover's life for good. It can be found in Fon, Yoruba, Voodoo and Palo Mayombe magick. The second is a spell used to keep your partner from being unfaithful. This combines elements of binding spells as well. It works as a shield and repellant to keep other men or women away from your lover. This is found primarily in Voodoo and Palo.

There is a final case in which your partner may be unfaithful at no fault of his or her own. This is when they are influenced by black magick or a love spell cast by another person. In the case of black magick, relationships can be destroyed via infidelity. This is the way the curse plays out and attacks the person's life. If this is the case then the root of the problem – the black magick – must be dealt with and removed. The same is true in the case of a love spell. If someone has placed a love spell on your partner or spouse then it needs to be broken for them to stop their unfaithful behavior.

As you can see the types of spells to stop cheating are varied and no two are alike. Tata Remi specializes in the strongest ones, those from Voodoo and Palo Mayombe. He can end the cheating in your partner's life and make your relationship hole. Please contact us for more information on what our family can do for you.

Voodoo and Palo Congo Spell for Bringing You More Sex and Intimacy

Erzulie Voodoo Ritual

It is said that in the Yoruba kingdom of Ijebu there was a man who was very unattractive physically. But he was a powerful man and had many resources from the trade monopoly that existed in Ijebu. He spent a large portion of these resources finding sorcerers to help bring women into his life. Most failed, but he finally found one in what is today Congo. The legend says that he retired in Congo, a little bit less wealthy due to his travels but the head of a family with ten wives!

This has remained a popular spell in Africa, Europe and the United States primarily for men but also for women as well. You may not want ten wives, but if you want to increase your chances of meeting someone and particularly having more sexual experiences this is it. This ritual is heavily guarded in secret and is known to make dramatic changes in the sex lives of men after its performance. It works to boost both performance and male virility.

For this reason it is also a spell widely used for spicing up a relationship. If your partner has gotten boring in bed or you want to see an increase in the sex in your marriage this will do it. Women may have this spell placed on their boyfriend or spouse unknowingly or with their permission. When things are going badly with a couple this can save them.

Yoruba Curse to Break Up A Couple

A widely-known tradition in Palo, Voodoo, Candomble and other Yoruba-based African lore is that a spell was used upon the Orisha Shango to cast away one of his wives. Shango had three wives: Oshun, Oba and Oya. Oshuna nd Oya conspired together to discover the secrets of Shango's power and perform a curse upon Oba, who they did not like. This curse was to break up Shango and Oba, sending her far and away from him. According to the story Oba was cast away, out of Shango's favor, and sent away to live in a river. The ritual used is still practiced as a key component of Yoruba magick.

This is a ritual that is only used and practiced by those initiated directly into the original Yoruba spiritual tradition. It is not found in Voodoo or Palo, nor in Obeah or any other form of African religion. Of course spells of this nature exist everywhere, but not as pure and ancient as this form.

This spell destroys relationships and splits people apart. It can be used in situations where someone has stolen your spouse or partner. It is a curse but it does not harm the person physically or in any other way aside from the relationship. This way you can be sure that the person will come back to you after.

It is also a spell that can be used to weaken or demoralize enemies. It was used in such a fashion by the Fon and Yoruba kings. By destroying the relationships of opposing kings in their kingdoms, they were able to split apart political alliances and become more powerful. This fact helps to explain why it was kept as such a well-guarded secret by Yoruba initiates.

As a Yoruba magician Tata Remi can cast this spell for you. It should only be used in situations where you are serious about the results because it will break up a relationship. Please contact us for more information.

Yoruba, Voodoo and Palo Mayombe Spells to Get A Man or Woman

There are spells in all major African magickal arts to make someone fall in love with you. They all contain very powerful and effective ones. In our experience the most powerful are from the Yoruba, Voodoo and Palo traditions. Because of this the spells that Tata Remi will do are going to be one of these types. The type of spell you want will depend on your case uniquely.

Yoruba and Voodoo spells are often most frequently used for a man wanting to be with a woman. A woman who is trying to get a man will want to use a spell from Palo. This is not a rule one hundred percent of the time. Sometimes this will need to be reversed. But as a general rule if you have the opportunity to select one of the three it should be with that guideline.