Real Cases of Individuals Helped by Tata Remi's African Magick

Real Cases of Dongo Remi

Below are short versions of some of the more prominent cases of Tata Dongo Remi. These are true stories that include examples of spell work as well as more mysterious happenings and events in the life of Tata Remi. Here you can read about successes with love spells, spells for money and spells for protection, as well as other mystical and esoteric works at the hands of Tata Remi.

Tata Remi and the Palo Mayombe Skull

Palo Mayombe African Skulls

In what is today known as the Democratic Republic of Congo arose the earliest human civilization and along with it the oldest forms of magick. Palo Mayombe has a direct lineage to these ancient Congolese arts. It is the very powerful form of black magick known as Palo Mayombe that was first refined in the Kingdom of Kongo, under the sorcerers of the King Lukeni lua Nimi. Palo Mayombe is essentially a form of necromancy. It involves harnessing the spirits of the deceased to perform powerful tasks. Often required in these rituals are items related to death – in the Kingdom of Kongo, this often consisted of many parts from a deceased human corpse. In Congo today this form of Palo Mayombe is still practiced.

A key part of Palo Mayombe is the production of the Nganga. The essence of the Nganga is difficult to convey, but it can be compared to both an altar and a magical wand. It is used to invoke and control the spirits. It often takes the appearance of a cauldron, bag or pot. It may even be in the form of a tree trunk or stump. A human skull is the fundamental item necessary to produce an Nganga. It is from the power of the deceased spirit to whom the skull belong that the Palero, or Ngangalero, will be able to work miracles. The implication and what has ultimately found to be true is that the more powerful the person was during life the more powerful the skull will be after death.

For this reason the bodies of powerful shamans, Paleros and other African magicians in the Democratic Republic of Congo are buried privately. There is a risk that they will be dug up and used to make an Nganga. This is both disrespectful and spiritually troublesome, because the implication is that the spirit would be bound to its new owner's will. Many healers do not want their powers to be used for darkness after their death for good reason!

The Graverobbers
Lake in Kirungu

When Tata Dongo Remi was 23 years old he was making a journey between two towns in Congo on the east of the country, Kirungu and Kalemie. He was walking by a large lake. At night he had raised a small shelter when he saw three men approaching. Tata Remi hid and went unnoticed just long enough to hear the three men discuss their plan – they were to go to a nearby graveyard and dig up a body. Tata Remi sprung up from out of hiding and shouted to them – don't you know it is a great offense to steal a human skull! This was a dangerous thing to do, because he was alone and it was night time. But Tata Remi was fortune and the men ran.

Tata Remi awoke and continued along the lake in the morning, but after just a kilometer he ran into a large crowd of people. One was screaming loudly and was very badly injured. When Tata Remi got near he could see there was a large hole in the ground and quickly recognized it as one erected by poachers to trap elephants. Two men had fallen into it and were not moving, while a third had broken his leg. They had been startled in the night, started running and fell in the hole. Tata Remi quickly recognized them as the men who had planned to steal a skull.

The Moral

This is not a grand success of Tata Remi, but rather a story with a moral that he tells to all of his clients when they meet in person. It is designed to convey that although we do black magick, curses and Palo Mayombe, there is a limit to all. The consequences to crossing spiritual limits can be very physical and painful. It is for this reason that you must be absolutely sure that you are ready to take on the effects of any spell.

Palo Mayombe Occult Skeleton

The Jealous Wife

Tata Dongo Remi likes to tell a story about an old client of his. The man was not only an old client, but in fact very old. He has passed on now. When he sought the help of Tata Remi it was at the age of 76 and for romantic help. He swore by a remedy of Tata's that would give him a natural enhancement so to speak. But it was was a particular issue with his wife that he came to Tata for this time.

Tata Remi would always shout out with the same gusto as his old client used to (I remember seeing it myself before he passed): “My wife is so jealous!” Inherently a strange complaint because of his age, but also because it was a severe jealousy. This man's wife, who was close to his age, was convinced that he was seeing many people. Even women much younger.

No amount of reconciliation or talk would rest her mind. He prayed to the Orishas and sought some basic spiritual protection but to no avail. Tata Remi thought the case to be strange as well. So he consulted with Oba, the jealous wife of Shango. For many days Tata Remi fasted until a vision from Oba came to him.

Oba explained to Tata Remi that there is something that is both a blessing and a curse for all people. It is not specific to men or women. This is an empathy and a feeling for a person even at a distance. When the person is close it quickly fades, but as soon as they leave the jealousy begins. In Tata Remi's vision, Oba explained how to craft a specific nkisi, or talisman, that would fix this. It was to be a spiritual embodiment of the man and to be kept in the bedroom where he and his wife slept. As a spiritual embodiment of himself, he would always be close to her. After doing this the jealousy faded and was completely gone within the time of a week.

Palo Mayombe Occult Skeleton

Only one time did the man have trouble again. This was when they purchased a new house. After moving he left the nkisi fetish hidden in its usual safe spot. He had forgotten about it completely. Just as quickly as the jealousy had faded it came back. And then he realized that he had forgotten the one thing that brought spiritual harmony to his relationship! He quickly returned for it and lived happily up until his passing. May the spirits forever bless him.

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