Spells To Break Curses and Protect You


Remove A Curse

  1. Breaking A Curse and Healing
  2. Cleansings
  3. Lifting Familial or Generational Curses
  4. Protection From Curses
  5. The Best Defense...

Tata Remi is obliged to perform curse removals and healing for all in need. Please read more below to find out what is involved or contact us for more information.

Breaking A Curse and Healing

It may come about that you find yourself afflicted spiritually. It is often said that the first curse is as old as the history of mankind. The Holy Bible starts with a curse; Jehovah curses the serpent to crawl upon his belly and he curses Adam and Eve to be cast out of the garden, toil and bare children with difficulty. This curse would extend to all ancestors of Adam and Eve. The curse laid upon Cain comes soon afterward. All throughout the Ancient World we find curses in history. The Code of Hammurabi cites numerous laws against those who would curse another. The African histories in Congo, Benin and Ethiopia tell us of righteous kings cursing their enemies and the first curses being taught to mankind by the spirits or Kimpungi.

And the histories also tell us of the mysteries of curses being taught to mankind. From that point forward curses would be wielded not only by the spiritual but also by the profane. Due to this fact you may find that someone has attacked you. It may be called a curse, hex, jinx, fix, Obeah, Voodoo, sorcery, black magic or more. The terminology differs depending on the culture and practice, but the fundamentals are the same. Someone has contracted a spirit or harnessed a spiritual force to attack you.

What will happen to you if you are cursed will vary just like the terminology. Many curses are designed to inflict spiritual harm. They may take away your priorities in life and your motivation. Others are designed to be physical. Curses can cause disease, illness and even kill people. They cross the spiritual realm into the material realm. Thus, they are every bit as “real” as a physical attack. And just as dangerous.

If a curse or black magic has been used on you then you must address two things. The first is removing the curse. This way this will work will depend on what type of curse or spell has been placed on you. Removing a Vodou curse is not the same as removing Obeah, or any other less well known type. You will have to find someone who specializes in that type of magick. If you believe that your curse is of an African origin then you should seek advice from a practitioner of African magickal traditions.

The second is to fix what the curse has broken. If you burn yourself in a fire and pull your hand away the damage remains. Similarly, removing a curse without engaging in something to heal and rebound from the effects will leave you damaged. Ideally breaking a curse and healing what went wrong should go together, but this is oft neglected by many who simply remove the curse and leave you to your own devices. Unfortunately this also leaves you in a weak state where you may be easily attacked a second time.


Yoruba Healer

There are cases where a person is suffering from what appears to be a curse, but in reality is a different spiritual ailment. This is when there is a negative force, it may be energy, spiritual buildup or bad will toward you from your ancestors or living beings, that has attached itself to you. Intention, will and spiritual power are all connected and can influence you in unseen ways.

When Babalu-Aye causes sickness from a distance this is not a curse. This is a psychic or energetic projection. It may be intentional but is most often unintentional. If you have known someone who is an extremely hostile or negative person you have felt this negative projection emanating from them. It is not just their bad personality; if you are a spiritually sensitive person you can actually feel the energy. This will stick to you and can be damaging if allowed to build up.

In cases where a negative spiritual force, psychic projection or energy has built up around a person a cleansing may be in order. This can manifest as sickness in the aura; many report damaged or broken auras in these cases. It may also manifest as a weakening or cessation of your own psychic ability. In other cases it may not be as easily detectable, only inferred from the misfortune and bad luck it brings in your life.

There are many types and form of the cleansing process. However, unlike the curse removal, these will work across traditions and do not (usually) need to be selected specifically. For example, you can almost always use a Vodou cleansing service to remove and purify someone affected by Obeah. However, to remove an Obeah curse you absolutely must perform an Obeah removal. This is because curses are very specific, ritualized and must be learned exactly. Psychic projections and energy is instinctive, raw and intuitive. People cast this type of “non-curse” without even being aware of it.

Lifting Familial or Generational Curses

It is also in the Holy Bible that we see the first generational curses. The ancestors of the serpent were all cursed. All of humanity, as the ancestors of Adam and Eve, would remain outside of the Garden. Cain and all of his descendents would bare the mark given by Jehovah. This is one of the oldest forms of a curse and it deserves special mention.

A familial or generational curse is a curse that is placed on an entirely line of a family. This type of curse may be placed so that it only follows a male or female line, or it may be placed on both. It may be made to act upon only upon certain children or skip generations. But the general principle is that this type of curse is passed on semi-genetically, from our spiritual inheritance from our ancestors rather than our physical inheritance.

The persistence and nature of familial curses makes them one of the most difficult type to remove. Many who have been harmed by generational curses have attempted numerous remedies and treatments before eventually finding relief. Familial curses must be identified as such and dealt with by a practitioner initiated and trained to remove them.

Protection From Curses

What many have discovered is that it is far easier and less costly in the long run to protect yourself. Historically in every culture spells, talismans, and amulets to ward away curses, hexes and the evil eye have represented most cases. It is only today in the modern era that many have forgotten the power of the spiritual world and let their guards down.

When we leave our homes and cars we lock our doors. We secure our valuables and protect our loved ones as best as we can. But many are leaving their spiritual doors wide open and making themselves vulnerable to attack. Looking into spiritual protection ahead of time, especially if in a situation that increases the danger, will pay off in the end.

The Best Defense...

If you are absolutely sure that someone is attempting to curse you or otherwise harm you spiritually your best defense may be a good offense. A spiritual binding may be placed upon the person to keep them from doing harm to you. For this you do need to know who the person is. You may also curse this person first to weaken their power or ability. When it comes to spiritual warfare there is nothing ethically or morally wrong in protecting yourself.