Wise Practices of the African Mystic For Your Daily Life

An African Spiritual Code

This was a code given to my father from a local spiritualist group that practices many of its own traditional African rituals. It outlines the recommendations and lessons of its greatest spiritual teachers. They are not mandatory orders. You may simply try to implement them as possible. We just want to make available effective methods to achieve greater spiritual awareness. To give us light on the importance of who we are and the importance we have for other beings alongside us. To truly follow and attend to these points one must constantly focus on the here and now. These can be the keys to help you love and live in a better way.

    Portrait of an African Spiritualist
  1. Have no regrets. Nothing is gained by regretting what did not happen in time, what failed or what we do not have.
  2. Banish self-pity. Those who pity themselves impoverish the spirit.
  3. Let the ego deflate. Understand that with or without us life will continue.
  4. Eliminate from your vocabulary “I can not;” it is much better to say: I do not want.
  5. Do not focus on “I will do” but on “I am doing.”
  6. Be true to reality. Recognize where you achieve and where you fall short.
  7. Make no excuses in your life.
  8. Take responsibility for your actions.
  9. Do not harbor guilt for past events.
  10. Be not boastful of your talents and gifts.
  11. Love and accept all as they are. Avoid hatred of others.
  12. Be fair to others and unbiased in your view of the world. Avoid feeling contempt for those around you.
  13. Do not be involved in emotional manipulation either as perpetrator or a victim. Therefore, guard carefully what you think, say and do.
  14. Understand that life is a great teacher. It is a wonderful challenge worth facing and it can be filled with joy and security. Do not resist life, but rather go with its flow, be in harmony with it and understand that it can be smooth like a stream or rough like the rapids of the Congo river.
  15. Identify with everyone but do not belong to anyone.
  16. Have the conviction that you are your own best friend, your own true boss, your own guide, instructor and your own authority. Rely on yourself, the spirits and your personal true destiny.
  17. Live feeling that every second is the greatest of your existence. Feel that every moment you are doing the great work that the world expects of you. You must develop the conviction that you are a powerful being, creative and totally free.