Voodoo Curses Can Bring Physical As Well As Spiritual Harm

Voodoo Curses

People who are attacked through dark Voodoo work present a series of psychological and physical symptoms that are characteristic of the attack. You should be aware of these and stay vigilant to ensure that no one is attempting to damage you and your family with a curse.

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When the men and women of West Africa were stolen as slaves and brought to the Americas they retained many secret magical traditions. Slavery even honed some of these – curses and hexes developed in power and were used to throw off the yolk of slavery. In Haiti it was this very use of Voodoo curses that resulted in an independent and free country. Today the same curses and hexes are still in use and they can be deadly.

Please understand that Voodoo is not only about curses and hexes. It is a rich African tradition that also embraces spells for curing the sick, bringing love, good fortune and warding away evil. But it is a complete tradition. And as complete spiritual pathway it contains both the Right and the Left hands. You should therefore be aware of the symptoms and characteristics of a Voodoo curse:

A final and important note – you should rule out physical and psychological causes before looking at these symptoms as evidence of a curse.

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  1. Low energy; exhaustion, sleepiness, fainting, loss of consciousness and dizziness may all present themselves in a Voodoo attack.
  2. Mood swings; abrupt change in mood or personality, often multiple times during the day. Anger for no reason or sudden tears, even sudden laughter, can be symptomatic of a curse or even possession by an evil spirit.
  3. Fantasies of suicide or murder; terrible thoughts of injury of a loved one or loss. Thoughts of harm to animals or others.
  4. Hearing voices; many people under the influence of a curse will report that they hear voices or that they are having a mental dialogue with themselves. In many cases they will be able to tell you the name or a pseudonym of the entity.
  5. Sudden cure of alcoholism or drug problem; this is counter-intuitive, but if a person has a drug or alcohol problem and suddenly stops abusing this can be indicative of a curse or spiritual possession. Curses and spirits can take over our needs and desires and spirits do not want to compete with other influences on the mind.
  6. Abrupt change in relationship status; lack of sexual desire, sudden anger, jealousy or fear. Ideas of abandonment and fears of being attacked in dreams by spouse.
  7. Nightmares and sleepwalking; both can have natural causes but can also be caused by curses and evil spirits. Specifically dreams involving the zombi, spirits or creatures trying to steal your soul.
  8. Attacks of epilepsy, asthma, internal tremors and sudden invasive thoughts.
  9. Persistent disease; if a disease persists despite medical treatment it may have an underlying spiritual cause.
  10. Uncontrollable aggressive impulses; sudden acts of violence in public places and without clear control of self.
  11. Lapses in concentration and memory; memory loss, failing to concentrate.
  12. Domestic accidents and disputes; when repetitive can be particularly symptomatic of a Voodoo hex on your relationship.
  13. Disjointed speech and motor control; failing to communicate well and make sense when talking.

Steps that you may choose to take if you are experiencing more than a few of these symptoms:

First – do not be afraid. The feeling of fear makes you even more vulnerable. If you feel fear of a curse it can make it worse by increasing the power of the Voodoo working.

Second – rule out natural causes before looking at spiritual causes. It is always important to treat the cause of any problem at its root.

Third – consider taking steps to break a Voodoo curse.